“‘The Source’ prompts dinner-table debates and lingers in the mind. It offers a fresh model of how opera and musical theater can tackle contemporary issues: not with documentary realism - film and television have that covered - but with ambiguity, obliquity, and even sheer confusion.”
— Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec 11, 2014
The Best Classical Vocal Performances of 2014
"Two guys, a girl, and some WikiLeaks: That sums up the highlights of my year listening to vocal music... Refusing to make the expected, easy political points, 'The Source' ended up being a beautiful, sad, altogether crucial reflection on our time." Read the full article here.

Review: Faith and Confusion by Heidi Waleson
"This is no ripped-from-the-headlines documentary; rather, Mr. Hearne creates and environment of chaos and disorientation that gradually and excruciatingly envelops the listener." Read the full review here. 

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Oct 24, 2014
Review: Shadowed, Clamoring, Blurry. And With Reason by Zachary Woolfe

"'The Source' is [Hearne's] finest, most ambivalent work yet. Its patchwork libretto is drawn from the documents disclosed by Ms. Manning as well as instant messages and bits of interviews. Fragmented, layered and obsessively repeated, these texts are sung by four singers whose voices are processed in real time, giving them an eerily anonymous, half-mechanical sound... Sung excerpts from the leaked war logs take on the unnervingly lulling rhythms of the Evangelist's recitatives in Bach's Passions, while passages from Ms. Manning's Internet chats elicit warmer, more human vocalism." Read the full review here.

OPERA NEWS, Oct. 2014
Review: "The Source" by Henry Stewart

"As the texts felt cut up, a la Naked Lunch, and reassembled, so did Hearne's music sound like myriad influences exploded and roughly pasted back together, the work of a true twenty-first-century polyglot. It was like an hour's collaboration between Witold Lutoslawski Philip Glass, Jonathan Larson, Thom York and Erykah Badu, with driving rhythms reminiscent of a Broadway style of rock 'n' rol filtered through a computer, put on a loop, then busted open with shades of avant-garde classical or a soulful groove. Hearne, a former Kings County resident recently relocated to Los Angeles, was last heard (also at BAM) as the orchestrator of a Badu concert with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, which transformed an excellent R&B album into a rich musical masterpiece. At least one of the twelve parts of The Source sounded like it could have fit comfortably alongside the songs on New Amerykah Part One." Read the full review here. 

Oratorio Tackles The Issue of Leaks From 'The Source' by Jeff Lunden

"The oratorio is a time-honored way for classical composers to tell a big story. Ted Hearne thinks so, too... This week, his oratorio 'The Source' opened at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It takes on the story of Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks." Listen to the full story here.

10 Spectacular Theatrical Experiences of 2014 - The Bold and Fantastic Works of the Last Season by Charles Quittner

"Daniel Fish's multimedia opera response to the Chelsea Manning WikiLeaks used the first hour of its 80 minute run time projecting faces reacting to...something. Some were confused. Others horrified. During this, an auto tuned quartet sang Ted Hearne's score and Mark Doten's libretto made up of files, testimonials, and other sources accompanied to a small orchestra and samples of audio and popular media of the time. All of this culminated in an untouched look at the leaked video of an American drone strike killing dozens of innocent people. An unforgettable cathartic silence swept the audience." Read the full article here.

WikiLeaks Inspires and Operatic 'Source' at Brooklyn Academy of Music by Corinne Ramey

"Directed by Daniel Fish, "The Source" seeks to create a nuanced portrait of Pfc. Manning while engaging with troves of military documents." Read the full article here.

DAZED, Oct 21, 2014
Musical installation transposes Wikileaks cables into song by Thomas Gorton 

Read the interview here.

VOL 1 BROOKLYN, Oct 22, 2014
Discussing 'The Source' with Ted Hearne and Mark Doten by Tobias Carroll

Read the interview here.